A mouse accidentally tickles a lions nose when he is asleep. The lion is furious !Terrified the little mouse begs the lion not to hurt him insisting that perhaps one day he might need him. The lion laughs and tells the mouse he is too small to have any importance for a big lion.

Then one day the lion is caught in a trap and cries for help. Little mouse comes to the rescue and bites through the net he is trapped in. They become good friends and the lion realises that even small creatures are worthy of respect and kindness.

This book provides the opportunity to talk about opposisites, big/small, fear/courage as well as colours. You can also explore vocal play, roaring like a lion and squeaking like a mouse ! At the end of the book there are puzzles and activities to give you an idea of what the child has understood about the story. Don’t forget the importance of teaching young children to respect books whilst allowing them to turn the pages. Encourage them to watch you as you read from left to right, top to bottom. Introducing children as young as babies to books may inspire a lifelong love of reading.